• 10 Great Facts You Might Not Know 10 Great Facts You Might Not Know The Snipping Tool application is a screenshot program included by default in the Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems. This application can be used to easily take a screenshot of a section of the screen and save it to a file. Application is also available in Windows 10, but...
    • 20 August, 2021
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  • New Features & Changes New Features & Changes The new features include: New hotkeys that allow you to take screenshots of the full screen, just the active window, or a custom region of the screen. Ability to save screenshots in .jpeg format A new "Follow the mouse" mode that tracks your mouse cursor Option to delay screen capture for...
    • 17 August, 2021
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  • New Update: Bug Fixes New Update: Bug Fixes Snipping Tool is a screenshot capturing utility that is part of the Windows operating system. Its latest update, which was released on October 26, 2016, includes a number of changes, & fixes. The new features in the update include: A new rectangular snipping tool A new windowed mode A n...
    • 16 August, 2021
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