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It is a snipping tool app aimed at fast and simple capturing, saving, and sharing images. The proverb that seeing something once is better than hearing it a thousand times explains the main idea behind the app and, particularly, Snipping Tool Windows 10. If you need to report a technical issue, document the price and details of your online purchase, or issue a manual on some procedure in your company, then the print of your screen becomes essential. 

Similar to screenshots that we make on our smartphones, Snipping Tool for Windows 10 lets you capture the whole PC screen or a specific area of it. Then you can edit the image with a highlighter, a pen, and an eraser. More instruments for expressing your creativity and original design with Windows Snipping Tool are available in Paint 3D – another in-built app. An outstanding feature of the application is that you can delay your screenshot for up to 5 seconds.

Every Windows OS Comes with a Free Snipping Tool

You will find the app in-built into all PCs with Windows 7, 8.1, 10. It has all the described easy-to-use functionalities and will fit your everyday office life needs. However, Snipping Tool free download is also available with several advanced functions like uploading to Google Drive, Dropbox, and S3. 

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After you created the picture, the app provides you with several options of what to do next. Should you need the screenshot in a hard copy as a handout, then print it out. If you need it for future use, save the picture in a suitable format. Want to share the image right away? Send it through Microsoft Outlook (attached or embedded into the email body).

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How to Launch a Snipping Tool on Windows

To try the application, open your snip tool Windows 10 from the search box of the Start menu. Choose the snip mode and capture the required area from the whole display. Edit if necessary, and save. Note that when making an HTML snip in a browser, an URL appears below the picture. Check the Options box to fix this. Add text, change the size, and color with Paint 3D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I download the Snipping Tool from?
    You should use the official site to get the Snipping Tool download Windows 10.
  • Is Snipping Tool download free?
    The free version has limited functionality, while the Pro version provides the priority uploads and support, sending to FTP and Web Service, watermarking, excluding the brand name from the file, the possibility to OCR the snips, and record video and gifs.
  • How to clip on PC?
    Use appl in-built on your Windows 7, 8.1, 10.
  • Is there any Snipping Tool shortcut?
    As you open the app, you can press Alt + M for choosing the mode and the shape of your fragment. Alt + N will let you make a new screenshot with the previous mode settings. Alt + D will delay the capture, Ctrl + C will copy the snip, while Ctrl + S will save it.
  • How to use this app?
    Open the app, press Mode to choose the form of the piece to cut: full-screen, free-form, rectangular, or window. Choose the area, make a screenshot, edit, and save the file.

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